Super Glovekid

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Super Glovekid

Super Glovekid is a retro-styled platform game I am currently developing.

It will feature:
- 2 playable characters
- 30 levels within 10 environments
- A module music soundtrack
- 16/9 widescreen display
- Compatible with USB gamepads
-3 different endings

If you want to keep up with the development, check out the following links :

Game Jolt devlog

Flytrap Studios' facebook page


This game is only avaible for Windows.

A playable demo can be found here :


This game was developed using Game Maker 8.1 instead of the more recent Game Maker Studio.

This is because of the limitations of GM:S regarding external files, the modified events making it harder to assign variables to instances via creation code, and the fact it costs 99$.

Therefore, you may run into (very minor) issues while playing the game :

I double-clicked the exe file and now Windows wants me to install "DirectPlay". Should I accept ?

Yes you should.

DirectPlay is a deprecated DirectX component, dedicated to online gaming.

Super Glovekid has no online functions but the Game Maker engine apparently requires DirectPlay to function.

This is not a virus, an adware or anything like that : it's 100% safe.

Install it and the game will start.

I played this game using a gamepad but now it's running really slow. Is there any fix to this ?

This is a bug related to the Game Maker 8.1 engine.

There's not much I can do to fix this.

Restart your computer and the game should run at 60fps again.

I might upload a keyboard-only version of the game to use with XPadder or JoyToKey in the future in case somebody needs it.


This game was created by Flytrap Studios.

It was made with :

Game Maker 8.1 Standard by YoyoGames

Allegro Sprite Editor 0.9.5 by David Capello

SFXR by DrPetter

It uses the GMBassmod DLL created by Smarty.

Feedback, ideas and support from :

Ice Mirsoth





Special thanks to :

All game creators, for having made this possible.

Mark Overmars, creator of Game Maker

David Capello

The Mod Archive



All GameSpiel members